Guest Speaker

On February 17th Mags will be guest speaker and organise a workshop at the Science Gallery in Trinity College as part of their Strange Weather series of events.

In her A Thousand Words series, Mags used sunlight and rain in some of her pieces.

Although we may appear to be equal at the outset, life experience changes each of us differently and exposes our vulnerability.
In this piece each of the 9 parts was written using the same black delible ink. Each piece began exactly the same. Then parts of each panel were exposed for varying amounts of time to the sunlight. This process bleached the black ink creating the variations in colour.

Exposure (detail)
Material: delible ink on paper 9 panels of 300mm x 400mm

Material: delible ink on paper 9 panels of 300mm x 400mm

In some other pieces, notably Irish Summer, the work was left out in the rain.

” I had been working in West Cork in 2012, trying to capture the summer colours down there. It was raining a lot so I left the pieces outside in the rain a little to lightheartedly let the weather become physically part of it”.

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