Audrey’s Word

This piece was a commission. Audrey was an employee of Deloitte. She sadly passed away last year aged 45. She kept a journal before she died in which she had left some kind words for her colleagues. For this piece I thought it important to keep Audrey’s handwriting, so I had her journal entry scanned, enlarged and ‘ghost’ printed (very faint printing). Audrey had a bright and colourful personality which is why I simply chose bright watercolours to go over Audrey’s writing.


A Deck of cards for Mallarmé

Recently Mags collaborated with Professor David Scott, head of the school languages at Trinity College, on the subject of poetry and colour. The resulting piece is part of an interactive website


1916-2016 Mural St Attractas

This mural was a commission from the local primary school where I live. There were 87 pupils taking part. The finished piece is the work of the pupils. I had a vision of what could be achieved and I facilitated the process. It measures 5 x 2.5 metres


Jewellery Design

The ship on this pendant is symbolic of the journey taken by so many Irish people. This emigrant’s pendant features the line ‘But the heart will sigh for the absent land’ that I chose from John Locke poem ‘Dawn on an Irish coast’. The pendant is available exclusively from R & C McCormack Jewellers on Grafton St, Dublin.


Graduation Gift

A graduation present from a father for his daughter
(OMG yr a BA, I’m so proud ov u, da)


American Football at Croke Park

American Football match at Croke Park in August 2014. Limited edition (100)


Personalised Art – Flower

Personalised Art – This flower was created for a family of 5 children. Each petal is made of a child’s name and the centre and stalk are made up of the parents’ names. If you would like to order a heart for someone, please specify names on your order form. €45-€65


Personalised Art – Heart

Personalised Art – This piece was created for a wedding present. The heart is made entirely from the couple’s names. If you would like to order a heart for someone, please specify names on your order form. €45